About Us

With the need for nonprofits to raise revenue during these challenging economic times - compounded by supporters who find it necessary to cut back on donations or no longer donate at all as businesses struggle to sustain business by offering 50% OFF or more in savings to attract customers using the popularity of online discounts and vouchers through numerous national entities such as Groupon and Living Social to name only two; we saw a unique Savings and Fundraising opportunity for local charities, supporters /consumers and businesses.

"Why can't local nonprofits benefit from this  40 BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR  industry to help fund their missions in our communities through supporters/consumers and local businesses rather than fund national out-of-state entities serving corporate profit?"

We offer local nonprofits a Cost Free, Labor Free Savings Card and Coupon Fundraising Program that provides an ongoing revenue stream while saving supporters money while supporting local businesses through a local Veteran representative of our program.  It is our mission to recruit local veterans as our local representatives to act as liaisons between nonprofits, businesses and chambers of commerce as a home-based business opportunity through our pledge and commitment to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring our Heroes program to address the employment needs of over 500,000 unemployed veterans (Heroes), Spouses of Heroes, Wounded Warriors, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and more throughout our country.

Supporters select a Charity of Choice from a drop-down menu as a required field to purchase their Savings Card(s) and that Charity receives $10 in proceeds from each card sold.  Our local Veteran Representative receives $10 as well.  Because Savings Cards are sold online through merchant services, there is total documentation of each and every transaction for full transparency of all proceeds disbursed to  selected nonprofits.