Custom Nonprofit Savings Cards

Every city/region will link, promote and rotate one participating nonprofit on its individual Savings for a Cause home page allowing for 52 charities to be highlighted each year.

500 custom designed savings cards will be printed and ordered for each selected nonprofit to include their Mission statement and contact information.  Four participating nonprofits at a time will be selected in advance for each month's rotation with a total of 1,000 nonprofit custom designed Savings Cards ordered for that month.

Supporters/consumers must select a participating nonprofit listed in a drop down menu in order to complete their online Savings Card purchase.  Their selected nonprofit's custom designed Savings Cards will then be mailed to them promoting that nonprofit.  In the event all 500 cards have been sold and depleted, cards promoting another nonprofit will be mailed.  The Charity of Choice selected through the online transaction will still receive the sale proceeds. 

This is our initial protocol for Savings Card sales.  Should it be determined that 500 cards is not a sufficient number to satisfy demand, a future maximum 1,000 cards will be ordered.