Purchase Savings Cards     

Savings Cards are sold individually for $20 with $10 to a supporter's/consumer's selected participating Charity of Choice listed in a drop-down menu as a required field to complete each online transaction.  Purchase two or more for $15 each and the selected Charity of Choice still receives $10 from each Savings Card purchased.

Savings For A Cause Cardholders Receive 1-3 Savings Options:

1.  A savings with their purchase or service by presenting our Savings Card alone.  Any restrictions are noted on each business's web page. 

2.  A savings when our Savings Card is presented with a Coupon printed from each business web page that choose to offer this option only.  Any restrictions are noted on the coupon.

3.  A savings when presenting our Savings Card only OR when presenting our Savings Card with a Coupon at businesses offering  both these options for additional, alternative savings. 

A Savings Card must be presented with our Coupons for the Coupon to be valid.